Fabian Daubenspeck

I am a AC & cinematographer from Berlin. Available in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate and Luxembourg

During my school years I spent a lot of time on the theater stage. I produced a few film projects. These includes short films, but also my directing debut – a historical feature film. During these projects I discovered my passion for cinematic and artistic image creation. I quickly learned that my interest in film depends heavily on the artistic and social added value of the project. My parents and grandparents are visual artists, more precisely painters. I was born with a passion for art and I could never imagine doing anything other than indulging in artistic, creative imagination as a career.

I have worked with ARRI (Mini, Mini LF, Alexa 35, Amira), RED (Raptor) and Sony (Venice, Venice 2 and Burano). I worked as a camera assistant and video operator and spent some time in the camera department of the rental Cinegate Berlin. I’m working as 2ndAC.