goldstream film

Goldstream film is an in germany based independent film production collective founded by Fabian Daubenspeck and Luisa Gärtner. They develop and produce narrative shortfilms and feature films, focussing on unique and critical stories for european and international audiences. Goldstream is currently producing in trier, colone and berlin.



The Good and The Evil 

A lumberjack village in 1923. After Peter Nowák’s disappearance, his two daughters are now also untraceable. Mysterious things happen. People go crazy, murders happen, and something lurks deep in the forest. Does this end well?

 feature film | 85min | cinema


Die letzte Affäre

While looking for her grandma in the garden, grany tries to send her granddaughter on the right track from “heaven”…

short film | 7min 


Sorry, Simone

It seems to be more conservative than expected…

short film | 5min | youtube



A short film about the question of responsibility and motive in totalitarian systems – the “utilitarian rationality” of genocides, the torture of political prisoners by the regime “because they deserve it” and the apparent adherence to instructions of the perpetrators of crimes committed in totalitarian systems is intended to address the ideologically seemingly The dracony of individuals “untouched” by party memberships can be presented in a supplementary manner.

 short film | 85min | youtube




Society treats a homeless person with nothing but suspicion. The fairy tale of the little match girl in a different way. 

short film | 9min | youtube




Two soldiers break into a house at night. A film about intercultural relationships.

short film | 2min | youtube




On her forty-third birthday, an elevator takes Monika to a cinema where she is shown the interim balance of her life, which is supposed to make her think.

short film | 3min | youtube



Wer hat hier die Hosen an?

Emancipation at the breakfast table.

short film | 5min | youtube